Friday, November 30, 2012

Going .com

Finally I have gone .com with my website since free hosting weren't reliable at all. Security and privacy was also an issue.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tasbih for Android

So, I've created my very 1st Android app; a Tasbih for my Muslim brothers. It is a free application, built with the aim to serve as a tool for the act of Tasbih. Tasbih is not an item, its an act of zikr. It is actually a Misbaha that is used to perform Tasbih. A Misbaha or 'Tasbih' is also used to keep count of various dua that are recursively recited.

- Press the beads in the middle of the screen to count up.
- Shake your phone to reset the tasbih count.
- The tasbih vibrates so that you can use it with confidence while not looking, but can be turned off if you wish to save battery.
- If you are travelling on a bumpy terrain and do not wish your counter to be reset by bumps, then press menu and toggle the reset on shake feature off.

I intend to add more features soon to make it the better one among already existing tasbihs on the Google Play Store.

Changes to the website:

- A new project has been added to my "projects" page; Tasbih for Android.
- A new page has been added to the site dedicated to the download of this project.