Monday, February 16, 2015

Introduction to Computer Programming

You might have heard about computer programming and how with its power you can create your very own computer programs or applications? Well we will begin with that journey shortly. I believe you have sufficient understanding of what basically computer programming is all about. If not, then I suggest going through my previous article "Want to know Computer Programming?"... consider it as a prerequisite.

Moving on... Before we start off with Computer Programming, you require knowledge of 2 basic fundamentals:
  1. Programming environment a.k.a IDE (Integrated development environment) which includes an editor, a compiler, a debugger and build tools. We use these to write our program on and then compile and build them for use.
  2. Programming language, an artificial language designed to express instructions that enables the computer to compute desired results. Common examples include C++, C#, Java and lots more. These languages are written on their designated IDEs to build programs.
Since there are quite many languages, I plan to write basics on some of them. As each tutorial is written or made video off, They will start appearing in the labels of my blog. The basics of all the languages are same so to reduce redundancy of content, all the aspects of all languages will not be covered jointly.

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