Monday, February 16, 2015

Want to know Computer Programming?

You'd see people in the movies or the TV shows type their wits off senselessly while the computer screen pops green windows full of gibberish text and animating in cool styles, and the person showing expressions as if hes understanding all that is popping up and bla bla.... well snap out!! That is not computer programming or hacking, not even remotely.

Computer Programming is a whole different world. But before you know what that world is you should know why we do computer programming. We, the programmers, work to provide real-time solutions to different problems, i.e. communication, data management, entertainment, and so much more. Now to tell you what the world is....

Computer Programming is done to provide desired results that can be obtained through expertise in required subjects such as knowledge of the application requirements, specialized logic and algorithms.

Computer Programming can be defined as converting solutions to real-life problems into something a computer can understand and perform.

When it comes to software engineering, computer programming is "part one" of the knowledge that you need to engineer or develop a software. But lets not talk about software engineering, not now. So back to computer programming; do you know how does one create solutions to real-life problems into something a computer can understand and perform? You'd think its tough and difficult, but its not the case all the time. Computer programming is basically logic. Like a mathematics equation that needs to be solved with proper understanding of what it is and how to tackle it, computer programs are quite similar in nature. Once a programmer determines how to tackle the problem he has in front of him and creates a logical explanation to the solution, a computer program can be carved out of it.

If you think about it, movies also show a person single handedly going through computer hacking crap in seconds, in real-life a worthy software is build by a team of people who specialize in computer programming and related knowledge. It depends upon the size of the task at hand along with the factor that how new is the problem to the world. If I create a software for a bank ATM machine, the problem seizes to be new. For the first person to tackle, it must have been a challenge but for following development its nothing new, so he task becomes easier. Unless the bank wants a new type of upgrade in the software that is completely new, for e.g. the software previously enabled the ATM machine to allow the client to withdraw but now wants the software to allow the client to deposit as well. Thus a new challenge arrives, and new logic is required.

So i presume now you understand what basically computer programming is and what it is used to achieve. There are countless applications of this technology. A computer architecture is able to understand only a few instructions, through computer programming me manipulate the computer architecture to perform infinite combinations of those instructions to "do" so much with endless possibilities.

Keep following us to read more about computer technology. Up next will be introduction to computer programming.